Introduction to OKRs

OKRs = Objectives and Key Results

OKRs were originated by Andy Grove as a goal-setting system at Intel during the 1980s and made famous and relevant for today by John Doerr who brought the system to the early days of Google.

The system has been adopted by businesses and organizations around the globe as a way for them to align their work force, track progress and focus on the things that matter the most.  

Objectives are where you want to go and Key Results are how you plan to get there.


  • Top priority goals
  • Short term and typically set quarterly
  • Aggressive but realistic
  • Provide clear value
  • Objectives should have 3 to 5 key results

Key Results

  • How we plan to accomplish top priority goals
  • Specific, measurable and within a set time frame
  • Should be able to answer yes or no when determining if the result was completed

Example OKRs

An example OKR for a Clothing Line

Objective: $5000 in revenue for the quarter

Key Results:

  • Release 1 new t-shirt design a month
  • Host release party for each new design
  • Add email newsletter subscription to website
  • Promote website on social media once per day
  • Send weekly email newsletter to mailing list

An example OKR for a High School Basketball Coach

Objective: Win State Championship

Key Results:

  • Have 100% of team eligible for the entire season
  • Finish Top 5 in the state for rebounds per game
  • Average 80 or more field goal attempts per game
  • Develop at least one All-State player

An Assistant Coach may take one of the Head Coach’s Key Results and turn it into their own Objective

Objective: Have 100% of team eligible for the entire season

Key Results:

  • Host “Student Athlete” meeting with coaches, players, parents, and teachers by August 1
  • Assign teammate accountability partners during first day of practice
  • Revamp the athletic study hall period to include tutors and teachers before the first day of school
  • Require each player to provide and share a weekly progress report of their grades

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