Job Corps

As a Sr. Software Developer at Business Integra, I designed and developed several key components of the Drupal 8 web redesign for including the overall theming structure, data modeling for content types, the content publishing workflow and site navigation during a time sensitive 6-month web development project.

Technology: Drupal 8, YouTube API, Google Maps API, Snazzy Maps

Front-End: Custom D8 theme built as a child theme of Bootstrap 3

Dev Environment/Hosting: AWS

Skills: HTML5, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, PHP, TWIG


Find a Center Map

  • Architected a  solution for entering, displaying and filtering Job Corps centers throughout the website using the Geolocation field, Views, Snazzy Maps and the Google Maps API
  • Built a custom content type for individual centers with fields for address, text, and related Job Corps careers
  • Developed map and exposed filters by creating custom Views templates and using HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript and PHP/TWIG

Job Corps Careers

  • Developed a solution for entering and displaying Job Corps careers throughout the website
  • Built a custom content type with text, number, image, and entity reference fields
  • Created a custom taxonomy for job categories and their associated icons
  • Developed Custom Node template for displaying individual Job Corps Careers
  • Used Views module and custom Views templates to display groups of Job Corps Careers on home page and in related content section of individual Job Corps Careers nodes