As the Creative Technologist in the Marketing department, I was responsible for the day-to-day management and ongoing development of the Drupal 7 powered company website and other marketing related web properties.


Technology: Drupal 7, Wistia, Marketo, Google Analytics, Greenhouse, Drift

Front-End: Custom D7 theme built as a child theme of Bootstrap 3

Dev Environment/Hosting: Acquia Cloud Hosting, Github

Skills: HTML5, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, PHP

  • Performed front-end and back-end development tasks using PHP, HTML, SASS/CSS, Javascript and established a standardized web development workflow using GIT, Github, and the Acquia Cloud Dev/Hosting environment
  • Published and edited daily web content including company news, product pages, blog posts, white papers and videos
  • Conducted weekly meetings and daily scrums while managing an agile feature release and content update process for all web properties and projects

Spredfast Sports Landing Page

  • Collaborated with our internal creative team,  sales directors and an external development firm to design and develop a Sports focused marketing landing page to be used during the sales process
  • Completed front-end development tasks using HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript, and PHP to theme custom page template
  • Integrated the Spredfast Experiences product into the page to show real-time sports related conversions on social media

Spredfast.com Resource Pages

  • Developed a custom content type for various forms of customer-focused resources which include Case Studies, Videos, White Papers, and Tipsheets
  • Implemented integrations with Wistia videos and Marketo forms to be used as web conversion metrics to capture and target leads during the sales process
  • Worked with the marketing department's creative team and sales executives to design resource pages
  • Used HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript, and PHP to develop custom node templates for various resource types


Working at Spredfast