Venuetize 2019 | 3-in-1 Mobile App Experience

By ahughes, 23 June, 2021
Albert Hughes speaking at Venuetize Mobile App conference in Tampa, FL

I was invited to speak at Venuetize’s annual customer summit alongside Rolanda Gregory, VP of Marketing (Memphis Grizzlies) and Chris Dill, VP of Business Development (Venuetize) to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies mobile app and our app adoption and fan engagement strategies.

The Grizzlies partnered with Venuetize, a mobile app development company servicing professional sports teams and venues, to design and develop a new mobile app that launched in August 2019.

The Fluid Fan

The keynote speaker was the founder of Sports Innovation Lab, Angela Ruggiero who spoke about The Fluid Fan.

In short – today’s fan is more fluid and is no longer bonded to teams based on location or tradition. The “fluid fan” changes allegiances faster, is a consumer and creator of content and follows players more often than they follow teams.

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