RAPGOD.ai + SecondBrain | Techstars Music Accelerator

I was invited to LA (by Ben Gillin) to spend a few days with a startup company called Second Brain while they were enrolled in the 2018 Techstars Music Accelerator program.

SecondBrain‘s purpose was “to create elevating and enlightening tools for all humanity, and to give every human a secondbrain”. SecondBrain created a product they called RAPGOD.ai, an artificial ghost writer that iterates for lyricists, writing unimaginable lines and rhymes instantly.

Basically an app that writes rhymes using artificial intelligence.

While there, I gave a few presentation suggestions, provided some music industry insight, and conducted a little market research. In return, I was able to network with other companies, sit in on meetings, and get more familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

One of the best talk’s I attended was with Doug Palladini, Global Brand President at Vans.


  • From 2000 -2018 Vans went from $150M to $3B by being a Culture led brand.
  • Doug described this as staying true and making decisions based on your brand’s “meaning and purpose”
  • Van’s purpose is “To enable creative expression—and inspire youth culture”
  • Van’s brand pillars include
    • Art
    • Music
    • Action Sports
    • Street Culture

I see this as a way to stay true to your core fans/audience/customers while alos allowing room for innovation. Van’s has been able to stay true to their core while also innovating with the times. This approach can be seen throughout everything that Van’s does including House of Vans, Van’s curated Spotify playlists, and the type of conent they are creating for their Youtube channel.

As part of our market research we walked around Hollywood and asked people to try out RapGod.ai.

One of the first people we came across was Andy Milonakis who was in the middle of a Twitch stream.

We also ran into an amazing artist and friend of mine from Houston, Lyric Michelle, when we stopped by a random hip hop open mic event.

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